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Therapeutic Approach

Creating change and finding peace becomes natural with greater awareness. At Living Awareness, our approach is compassionate and empowering, creating a strong therapeutic relationship where you can feel safe and understood. Our practitioners will help you the cultivate mindfulness, deep acceptance, and ownership which leads to more skillful action in communication, daily habits and relationships. Our approach integrates neuroscience, trauma research, meditative practices and relational awareness for healing and happiness.

Areas of
  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • PTSD

  • Married and Committed Couples (LGBTQIA+ supportive)

  • Attachment Parenting: Pre and Post Natal Infant Bonding

  • Raising Toddlers, Teens and In-betweens: boundaries, guidance and connection

Marginalized Communities
  • Deaf/HOH community


  • Veterans


Human life involves struggle. But we often overlook the fact that 90% of stress is self created and self sustaining. We have patterns of thinking in the form of beliefs and limiting ideas that formed long ago in our youth, and that keep us stuck and suffering. Our bodies hold muscle memory of past pain and we find ourselves reacting habitually in self sabatoging ways with anxiety, anger or depression. We isolate, self soothe with substances, doubt ourselves, and project our frustration onto the ones we love. This is not unique to you... we share the same human condition.

Using a contemplative and mindfulness-based approach, you can learn to understand your own mind, skillfully manage your anxiety, lift your depression, and heal your grief. You can develop new insight and create new habits, all while embracing yourself as you are.


​As committed couples, navigating a long term relationship means finding shared meaning and values while honoring individual growth and autonomy. Here we will assess communication patterns, expectations, intimacy and emotional connection to allow your relationship to grow stronger over the years. From small conflicts in daily life to major wounding events like infidelity, healing is possible. Learning to speak and relate with honesty and kindness and find compromise are trademarks of a healthy and happy relationship.


Although one member of the family may be struggling, the wisdom of family therapy allows us to look at the family as a whole, while still honoring and attending to its individual members. Balance can be restored through effective leadership, new boundaries, emotionally intelligent communication, stress management techniques, compassion, and genuine connection. Families are supported in creating and achieving a vision for themselves of a sustainable and happy home life.

  • New Parents​:​ pre- and post-natal support to help you bond with your newborn and create a family culture that embodies your values

  • Tricky Toddlers: nurturing, setting limits and building self esteem in little ones

  • Staying Connected with Teens: understanding, guiding and empowering teens during this challenging life stage


We offer periodic public and private events on the topics of Empowered Parenting, Conscious Partnering, Mindfulness and Meditation . Contact us to talk about setting up a session in your home or office.


“You are under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago.”

~ Alan Watts


60 min intake: $175

55 min session: $150


We accept Aetna, Anthem/BCBS, Medicaid/Husky, and private pay/HSA cards.

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