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Meet the Team

Teressa Cohen,
Founder and Director
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My work is a dynamic blend of what has profoundly influenced me: a Masters degree in marriage and family therapy, my 25 years study in Buddhist psychology and Non-Dual philosophy, 30 years practice in Seirenkai Martial Arts, teaching Kundalini Yoga, and my previous work as an ASL interpreter and involvement within the Deaf/ HOH communities.. My marriage of 25 years while mothering two young adult children has been deeply meaningful in providing the direct experience of navigating family life that has contributed to the formation of my work.

My passion is in supporting others to develop conscious partnerships, mindful parenting, heal from grief, and experience post traumatic resilience that empowers you to live a life free from anxiety and depression. My work integrates neuroscience, trauma research, internal family systems (IFS) therapy, mindfulness based CBT, meditative practices and relational awareness/skill work. It is possible to break intergenerational trauma patterns, heal wounds, integrate all parts of yourself into a friendly and cohesive whole, know how to powerfully and peacefully navigate your life and find that happiness is a new way of being.

The greatest priority in my work is the connection we cultivate together. It is essential to me that you experience an empowering relationship of unconditional acceptance and safety and my belief in your inherent wholeness.

Victoria Pekhnik, LMFT
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Often when one feels "stuck" in life, it could be the loneliest and scariest place on earth. Desperation, fear, anger, shame, loneliness or sadness are only a few, all too common, feelings that prevent us from finding our way back home to peace and well-being. Your difficult feelings might be rooted in past traumas, life’s stressors or current difficulties with relationships. Let me be your guide during these times and offer you a space where you can find unconditional empathetic regard and validation or just a calming oasis. Sometimes being “seen and heard” is all it takes to start the healing process of receiving relief and clarity.

I am here to honor your unique needs and can incorporate traditional psychotherapy with mindfulness and/or energy work. I aspire to provide a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental space to collaboratively nurture your greater self-awareness into areas of life where you feel constrained, and to help co-create a new world of possibility and meaningful change.

My work is eclectic and I combine family-structural and internal family system therapies, mindfulness, strength-based and existential-humanistic approaches, informed by trauma research and neuroscience.

Priscella Si, LMFTA

Priscella Si is a deeply committed and insightful  LMFTA who has a great passion for working with children, teens, and families. 


Priscella founded the first child protection organization in the province of Guangdong (China)-Guangbi Children’s Protection Agency.  This NGO has won numerous awards since its inception locally and provincewide.  She offers her own passion for family life, her professional experience in leadership and advocacy for children and families in China, her cultural competence and fluency in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

In Priscella's words, "“I love working with teens! Together, you and I will identify the problem and focus on your strengths.     I understand your deep needs and what leads to the symptoms your are experiencing and can help you get to the root cause of your struggle.  Having 2 boys myself, I deeply understand where you are coming from and want you to feel seen and understood. It is important to me that we build a strong connection so you can feel supported. I promise to offer hope and help to empower you to move forward in a healthy and happy way."

Julia Valkonen Moisei
Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher
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It is an honor to help you deepen into the peace that lies within yourself. Together we can bring to light a profound dimension within you that will allow you to actually experience a fulfilling and happy life by doing something different that actually works.We are not going to work by changing, molding or achieving better mind states, but by discovering and nourishing the awareness with which you can see them and therefore be free no matter what these mind states are. In essence, what I can offer you is simple and down-to-earth, yet profound and kind-hearted guidance into:

  • Meditation which will provide you with the know-how of accessing awareness and peace regardless of your circumstances;

  • Mindfulness by experientially dissolving emotional and mental reactivity through bringing conscious awareness into everyday activities;

  • Recognizing any limiting beliefs - I will listen to you with the capacity of bringing to attention any unseen beliefs gently guiding you to see them through;

  • Self-inquiry: ancient, non-dual approach that enables you to find an answer in your very experience that reveals your core, authentic self.


My background includes both Western and Eastern education, study and practice:


  • Bachelor's and master’s degrees in Philosophy and studied Mindfulness at the University of Bangor in the UK, one of the oldest and most prestigious Mindfulness Centres in the world.

  • Studying and living the teachings of Nonduality (Advaita Vedanta) in the UK and Zen Buddhism at Won Kwang Sa Zen Temple in Hungary where I lived and attended monthly meditation retreats. I continue to attend monthly meditation retreats to deepen my practice.

Gabe Cohen
Holistic Life Coach

I specialize in working with neurodivergent individuals, LGBTQIA+ people, and those who wish to experience more fulfilling intimate or platonic relationships. 


A holistic approach to my work means that we will tend to various aspects of your being: the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. I am frequently reminded that a healthy body sustains a healthy mind (and vice versa). I will provide you with tools to sustain a more balanced routine while simultaneously guiding you towards radical self-acceptance, with no need for “improvement”.


Help certainly does not look the same for everyone. It is critical to approach each individual with a sense of creativity. My strategy integrates my own life experiences, queer identity, and mindfulness practice. Additionally, I provide healing through the use of IFS (internal family systems) informed support, Therapeutic Art Coaching, coping skills, and emotionally intelligent communication. I am constantly discovering and adopting new methods and will maximize my resources while coaching you. 


My work frequently focuses on maintaining a healthy nervous system, improving sleep hygiene, cultivating self-compassion, exploring gender identity and sexuality (breaking free from restrictive binaries), strengthening relationships, mindfully using technology, and managing the challenges of living in a world tailored to those who are neurotypical. 


I draw from the philosophy of Cognitive Therapy which functions on the premise that one’s life is a result of what one thinks rather than what one does. Our work will be introspective in the sense that we will assess how your thinking and feeling in each moment affects your behavior and choices. I believe in a Client-Centered Humanist approach in which there is no hierarchy between client and coach. I am queer-affirming, non-judgemental, and intersectionality informed. 

“Hold the vision of yourself to become anything you choose to be. But learn to be deeply content with yourself as you are right now. To chase a future version of yourself is to tragically procrastinate being happy.” ~ Teressa Cohen

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