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Teressa Cohen
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My work is a dynamic blend of what has profoundly influenced me: a Masters degree in marriage and family therapy, my 25 years study in Buddhist psychology and Non-Dual philosophy, and my previous work as an ASL interpreter and involvement within the Deaf/ HOH communities.. My marriage of 25 years while mothering two young adult children has been deeply meaningful in providing the direct experience of navigating family life that has contributed to the formation of my work.

My passion is in supporting others to develop conscious partnerships, mindful parenting, heal from grief, and experience post traumatic resilience that empowers you to live a life free from anxiety and depression. My work integrates neuroscience, trauma research, internal family systems (IFS) therapy, mindfulness based CBT, meditative practices and relational awareness/skill work. It is possible to break intergenerational trauma patterns, heal wounds, integrate all parts of yourself into a friendly and cohesive whole, know how to powerfully and peacefully navigate your life and find that happiness is a new way of being.

The greatest priority in my work is the connection we cultivate together. It is essential to me that you experience an empowering relationship of unconditional acceptance and safety and my belief in your inherent wholeness.

Working with Teressa is very rewarding.  She makes you feel comfortable quickly, provides insights that make you truly think about things and is always  working towards consciousness and remaining present.  Her sincerety and warmth can make you feel safe even when delving into troubling issues.  Her dedication and true caring for me through this process has gone above and beyond expectations. The greatest compliment I can give to a therapist is when they make me strive to possess some of their best qualities.  Teressa exceeds that.

About Teressa

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